We are what we believe we are- Split (2016)

Minute one!

The director of this 2016 thriller is M. Night Shyamalan. The single best scene in this film was the rejoice of the beast as I call it when the beast sees the scars Casey bears from pain and abuse she was broken just like he was. As flashbacks of the rape/abuse caused by her uncle came giving deeper insight into her mind and her use of psychology. In my opinion James Mcavoy (Kevin Wendell Crumb)since in the film h was the best he had to portray so many different personalities each one ended up being unique in its own way with smooth transitions between each character and each having their unique voice and personality as well as backstory.

Minute two! eh

This film isn’t the most perfect but the film has an amazing plot as well as directing techniques and special effects not to mention exquisite acting sure some things could’ve been better but, overall like I said its an amazing film. My gut grade for this film is a 95.6 or a 97.5 like I said amazing movie but some things could’ve been improved such as the graphics for the beast I understand he’s supposed to be superhuman but, that was bit much in my opinion.

Min three and four…

This is the best film i’ve seen by this director but, it definitely isn’t the worst the worst film he directed in my opinion is The visit. This isn’t the director’s first film rodeo his first film was She’s all that which is completely different from the rest of his films majority being either thrillers or paranormal horror. He even had one children’s film which was Stuart Little. This film is in similar genre with most of his films being thrillers such as The visit, The sixth sense, and Glass each one has some psychological background behind each one. It’s different from the others having protagonist think to save her life as well as the antagonist having a personality disorder that plays a huge role in this film.

Min five and six T^T

(Dennis, Ms. Patricia, and Hedwig)

25 characters were made even if all of them were not present. Kevin Wendell Crumb being the one being affected by the personality disorder having 23 personalities which are practically characters themselves each one having a different age and a different life story. We mostly see Barry S the sketch artist and fashion designer,  Dennis the OCD neat freak, Ms. Patricia another OCD perfectionist but she’s the calmest, Hedwig an annoying nine year old boy, and of course the 9th wonder of the world The Beast his 24th personality that has superhuman abilities but is literally an animal a very violent one. Another great character was Casey her back story is heartbreaking I had the feeling of sympathy but, it has taught her how to survive getting kidnapped by (Dennis and Ms. Patricia) along with her friends to be sacrifices for “The beast”. For example she told one of her friends to pee on herself to avoid Dennis from doing anything which is something she herself used to avoid sexual abuse. The dialogue was very realistic especially between Casey and Kevin well more like Kevin’s personalities as she persuaded one of the personalities (Hedwig) to try and get her out even though in the end she just ended up making the nine year old upset almost causing him to tell Ms. Patricia on her, typical nine year olds am I right jeez blabber mouths if you ask me.There were moments of suspense through the film that surprised me, for example when the beast was rising I never thought he was going to be an actual beast it made me jump honestly. Once again the acting felt natural in its big city setting as well as James Mcavoy’s acting was very well played and accurate to the personality switches that people that actually have DID ( Dissociative identity disorder). I was more drawn to the characters themselves I really didn’t care much about the actors they were not what my eyes were seeing my eyes were seeing only the characters they were seeing Kevin etc (cause im not about to go down the Kevin persona list) and Casey.

The Beast

Min seven is this over yettttt! >O<

There isn’t much I could learn but I can see that no matter what someone shows you on the outside under all the personalities, smiles, and clothing they could be hiding their scars being suppressed by that coverup and their true selves can not arise. Aside from the beast Kevin the character is a true portrayal of life with that condition isolated outcasted as well as misunderstood. Casey is the accurate symbol of all those who were affected by rape/ sexual abuse but as said in the film the broken are the strongest which is true in Casey’s case as her broken past technically saved her life from the beast since she truly knows what pain is the pain of abuse and solitude.

8 I. give. up

I enjoy talking to my friends about the whole film honestly each scene is well directed and it has a quick but orderly flow to it like Kevin’s personality transitions but, the one scene that catches my eye and that’s the train scene before the beast emerges its almost as if a tragic memory is buried there by Kevin that makes his blood boil which must’ve been the beasts cue to rise. The sound design and colors caught my eyes the most sound wise the beast’s roar was impressive but also the footsteps throughout Kevin’s home each time he walks (or one of his personalities) which causes some pace quickening suspense. Color wise i love the use of dark shadows within kevin’s home as it shows his shrouded solitary life the darkness that lingers in his life.

Nein!!!!!! and TEN FINALLY THE END

Look 1-8 there’s a guy he’s crazy with DID right, he kidnaps some girls for some ritualistic type welcome of the beast leaving one survivor the one who knows true pain and true suffering . I love this film and i’m totally! not just saying that to get this thing over with I give it tens across the board it’s semi-perfection every film could be better one way or another: Acting=A+, production=A+, special effects etc= A-, storyline and plot= A++ NUFF SAID.

-Melanie Degree

May, 7, 19

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